SHERBET AND AYRAN MACHINEŞerbetto-DWith an extremely stylish design, Şerbetto-D sherbet, ayran mixer and cooler over the counter has been specially designed for you to mix drinks perfectly and keep them at the desired coldness.
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As Panera Engineering, we supply the products imported from abroad in the Industrial Kitchen sector to the market in a better quality and more affordable way with 100% domestic production. We attach great importance to R&D and quality. We always keep customer satisfaction above all our interests by developing products in line with the needs of our consumers. We are proud to contribute to the economy of our country.
DESIGN and PERFORMANCEIts elegant and modern design is specially designed for you to mix the drinks perfectly and keep them at the desired coldness.
OPTIONYou can easily use your device for your Ayran, Beverage and Sherbet varieties with the coldness setting you want. It is offered for sale with 3 different color options.
LONG LIFEIt can be used confidently with a 19-liter polycarbonate bowl that is impact resistant.
QUALITYAll materials used consist of 1st class materials. We have never compromised on quality, including all apparatus and software.
TRUST AND CONSERVATIONFood contact materials are stainless steel. All plastic parts are marked with the symbol of the material.
ECONOMICIt is much more economical than the present sherbet machines. It consumes less power and, you experience less efficiency loss.

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