In line with the accumulated knowledge and experience gained over the years, our company was established primarily with the purpose of meeting the needs of our country for imported products with domestic productions and then with the aim of producing for abroad, as of 2015, it continues its activities and production actively.

As Panera Engineering, we supply the quality and more cost-effectively with 100% domestic production instead of imported products in the heating sector. We have become one of the leading manufacturers in the heating sector in a short time. We attach great importance to R & D and quality. By developing products in line with the needs of our consumers, we always keep customer satisfaction above all our interests.

We are proud to contribute to the economy of our country.

Developing and supporting customer-oriented, quality and creative product solutions by considering customer requirements To be a leading company whose employees are proud to be a part of
To provide services by structuring our processes in line with internationally accepted standards, supporting them with tools and technologies that will maximize productivity
To provide input to continuous improvement by systematically measuring the performance of our processes
Demonstrate a management approach focused on the needs of our customers and keeping satisfaction at the highest level
Establish and maintain mutual benefit relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors

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